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About TahitiWebcam.com

TahitiWebcam.com is powered by an outdoor IP camera.
The main purpose of this website is to provide visitors around the world a view of Tahiti sightseeing in live.

We meet the man behind this project; "I was the first in French Polynesia to offer a view of Papeete-Tahiti starting in 2001 with another website and since transfered to this website, it was slow internet speed 56K modem" said Steve SUARD founder of TahitiWebcam.com.

But now, with Cable Network, it's live streaming. There are thousands of visitors each month who come to this page from all around the world.

Some other webcams are listed here from islands like Moorea, Bora Bora... belongs to well known hotels, resorts or travel agencies. They are following the pionner of the webcam in French Polynesia. No doubt that without these webcams, there will be no other way to see French Polynesia in live than static pictures.

According to Steve, investment fees in materials, hardware and maintenance is costly but if you want to promote Tahiti, it's one of the best way to do.

Hope that we will see more webcams from third parties listed on TahitiWebcam.com



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